Individual Counselling

Everyday life is hectic and presents many challenges. At times these challenges can become overwhelming and get in the way of us living our best life.

You may have noticed changes in appetite or sleeping patterns, or you may be feeling sad, or withdrawing from family and friends, or finding it difficult to concentrate or make decisions.

Individual counselling provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to openly air your concerns, explore alternatives, learn coping strategies.

Talking through concerns with a trained, impartial professional allows you to fully explore your concerns without worrying about being judged, or being offered a "quick fix"

Counselling cannot promise that life will always be smooth sailing, but it can help you learn to ride the waves without being swept away by overwhelming and unhelpful thoughts and feelings.


The sessions are all about you: identifying your needs, your goals, your values and supports you in finding your own solutions, and finding ways to increase feelings of Calm, Contentment and Control in your life.

NDIS Counselling

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to assist people with disabilities to access the supports they need to achieve their goals, increase participation, and improve wellbeing.

Counselling is available for Self-managed and Plan-managed participants who are NDIS-funded for Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living.

Offering a personalised approach, tailored to meet each person's individual needs and goals.

**No GP referral required - Prompt support - minimal waiting times!

42 Kennedy Drive

Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

0478 917 540

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