5 Steps to your best Summer Body

With Summer only weeks away, have you noticed the recent increased advertising for ‘weight loss’ products? All of them promising amazing results and ‘improved health’ in time for summer if we only buy their food or their gadget or their shakes. Combined with unrealistic images of happy people, these advertisements play havoc with our self-esteem.

We know that diets don’t work in the long term, and that within two years, most dieters regain ‘lost’ weight. Indeed, dieting has been linked to the development of serious mental health issues.

But what if I was to tell you that you can and should enjoy living your life every day, and that there is no need to put your life on hold, follow restrictive food rules and undertake punishing exercise routines in the quest for ‘health’?

Here's my 5 things you can focus on to achieve your Best Summer Body

1. Eat – mindfully: pay attention to the smells, tastes, and sensations associated with preparing, cooking and eating your food. Give yourself permission to enjoy a wide variety of foods, with a focus on ‘real’ food, and notice how your body feels before and after eating.

2. Move – in ways that you enjoy and that work for your body, even better if this happens outdoors! Your body and mind will thank you for it.

3. Sleep – prioritise good sleep patterns every day, as this has enormous impact on how well you function in your day to day life, and your ability to cope with stress during the day

4. Drink – water. Essential for our optimal health and wellbeing. Remaining well hydrated all year round will help your wonderful body to function as it should

5. Care – treat yourself with the same loving kindness and compassion as you would treat a dearly beloved friend. You are unique, valuable and deserving of treating yourself and being treated by others with respect. No matter what size, shape or colour, your body is wonderful - show it gratitude for all the things your amazing body allows you to achieve every day.

If you would like support to manage difficult emotions, increase confidence, improve your relationship with food and your body, or change patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you well, please give me a call, or send an email, as I would love to work with you

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