Welcome to Smooth Sailing Counselling

Do you feel sad, scared, stressed or stuck?

Like you are swimming against the tide and being tossed around by the waves?


Feeling exhausted and looking for someone to guide you to calmer waters?

I want you to know, you are in the right place – I hear you.

 “Feelings are much like waves: 

we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.”

― Jonatan Mårtensson

Its normal that life sends all sorts of challenges our way, and its understandable to want to avoid feeling pain.

We can easily get hooked in to responding in ways that might help us to feel better in the short term, things like procrastination, distraction, overthinking, overconsumption - anything to try to avoid the pain.


Unfortunately, many of these ways of responding can actually make things worse in the long run, they can be expensive and exhausting; affecting our health, our relationships, our self-esteem.



My name is Linda, and I can help you to find new ways manage the distressing thoughts and uncomfortable feelings that show up and push you around sometimes.

Together we can work out what’s really important and find ways to help you drop the struggle and begin to take action towards the things that matter most to you.

Tele-Counselling and In-person appointments NOW in Port Macquarie NSW. 

Linda Mitten, counsellor in Port Macquarie

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Smooth Sailing Counselling Supports NDIS and provides NDIS counselling
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