Employee Assistance (EAP)

What is Employee Assistance?

An Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary, short-term, confidential counselling program that is provided by organisations to support their employees who may be experiencing personal or work-related difficulties including; stress, anxiety, grief, parenting, family problems, alcohol/substance concerns, life stage transitions.

Employers fund an agreed number (usually 3 - 6) of confidential counselling sessions for their staff. Counselling sessions are provided off-site by an independent, professional counsellor.

Where employees require more specialised, or ongoing support, the Employee Assistance Provider can make appropriate referrals – these will be at the employees’ expense.

Linda is experienced in providing EAP support to employess of many local organisations regarding a variety of personal and/or work-related concerns including: relationship difficulties, anger, stress, overwhelm, workplace changes, grief and loss, health concerns.

Who is it for?

Employee Assistance is for employers who are committed to staff wellbeing.


Short-term, Solution-Focussed Counselling emphasises the development of skills and strategies that support self-management of normal life events such as: grief, loss, stress, life-stage transition, separation, self-confidence, career/work difficulties.


Employee Assistance programs make counselling accessible to those who need it by removing the financial barriers, the stigma and the time constraints that might otherwise get in the way of them accessing support in a timely way.

What are the benefits?

A healthy workplace supports healthy individuals, which in turn strengthens families and contributes to building resilient, healthy communities.

Early intervention may:

  • Improve employee well-being

  • Increase job satisfaction

  • Boost staff productivity

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Prevent problems from becoming more complex

  • Promote mental health awareness and reduce stigma

What does it cost?

There are no up-front or ongoing costs. Clients are invoiced only for services used.(subject to cancellation policy)

How can I get started?

Phone or email Linda for a confidential and obligation-free discussion about implementing an Employee Assistance Program within your organisation.

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