Individual Counselling for Adultsn Port Macquarie

Life is not always Smooth Sailing,

but you can learn to ride the waves


For many of us, everyday life can become hectic and create a variety of challenges. 

Sometimes these challenges can become overwhelming. When that happens, they become obstacles to us living our best life.

These obstacles can manifest themselves in different ways. 

For example, you may have noticed changes in your appetite or sleeping patterns; you may be feeling sad; withdrawing from family and friends; or just finding it difficult to concentrate and make decisions. If you think these changes are affecting your life or you're feeling stuck, then counselling may help.

Individual counselling for adults can be an effective way to tackle these obstacles and clear a path to regaining a happy and fulfilled life.

It provides a safe, confidential and non-judgmental personal space for you to openly air your concerns, explore alternatives and learn coping strategies.

Talking through things with a trained, impartial professional lets you fully explore your concerns without worrying about being judged, or being offered a "Quick Fix."

Of course, counselling can’t promise that life will always be smooth sailing - but it can help you learn to ride the waves without being swept away by overwhelming and unhelpful thoughts and feelings.
These individual counselling sessions are all about enabling you to identify your own personal needs, goals and values.

They support you in finding your own solutions, so that you can focus on ways of increasing feelings of calm, contentment and control in your life.




No GP referral required.